On October 16, 2013 I had visited 84 countries and territories.


From the early trips with my family as a kid to nowadays membership to 10 frequent flyer programs I always enjoyed travelling :-)


With some exceptions in the American and Asian continents,  I travelled mainly throughout Europe (almost all countries), you might find it difficult to locate the   small stars I placed in the world map (follow link below), my continent has so many Countries and/or national realities so close to each other that is difficult to show them clearly in such a small picture (You can see a more detailed map of my European visits clicking the link below). One of the key factors of my extensive trips to Europe is my active involvement, in my late years of university, in European-wide student projects carried on by the NGO AEGEE (see more in private and professional) through which I acquired a very big network of friends, contacts and experiences useful either to travel for my own pleasure or to develop an internationally minded professional profile.  

My European mobility has become more a lifestyle than a holiday planning, as you can see from the table below, the amount of times that I visited regularly some countries is almost countless.

Certainly in my future plans there is a lot of travelling far beyond Europe of which I can say I feel a real citizen. I have the impression that I will keep on travelling and relocating (Although I am back in my home country, I enjoyed living in different countries for long periods and I I like to consider this option again soon) for a long time to come:-)


Countries visited:


World Map


Europe Map



Albania 2
Andorra 2

Argentina 2
Azerbaijan 1

Austria #
Bahamas 1
Belgium @#
Bosnia-Herzegovina 2
Brasil 1

Bulgaria 2

Cile 1

Costa Rica 1

Croatia *
Cuba 1
Cyprus *
Cyprus * (North, see note 1)
Czech Republic 4
Denmark 5
Finland 5
France #
Germany #
Gibraltar 1

Greenland 1 

Egypt 1  
England * (note 3)
Estonia 1

Greece #

Greenland 1

Hong Kong 1
Hungary #
Iceland 1
Indonesia 1

Iran 1

Ireland 2
Italy @# (home country)

Japan 1

Jordan 1

Kazakhstan 5

Kenya 1

Kosovo 2 (note 2)

Latvia 1

Lituania 1

Liechtenstein 2

Luxemburg *

Macedonia (F.Y.R.O.M.) 2

Malaysia 1

Maldives 1

Malta 2
Mexico 3
Moldavia 1

Monaco *
Montenegro 1

Morocco 1
Netherlands @#
Northern Ireland 1 (note 3)
Norway 2
Panama 1

Philippines 1

Poland 4
Portugal 6
Romania 6
Russia 1
San Marino 5
Scotland 2 (note 3)

Serbia 7
Singapore 1

Slovakia 5
Slovenia #
Spain @#
Sri Lanka 1

Sweden 5
Switzerland #

Thailand 1
Ukraine 5
United Arab Emirates

United States @4

Uruguay 1

Uzbekistan 1
Vatican 2
Venezuela 1


Wales 1 (note 3)



The number of times I have visited each country is shown on the right    (* = 10-20 times, # = more than 20; both approximate, according to my memory!) those I have lived/stayed for more than two months are marked by @ . You can read about more stories, personal impressions and being redirected to the gallery section for the highlighted countries by clicking on them.


Note 1 : The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is only recognized by Turkey, I thought it was worth mentioning the distinction of my visits because of the peculiarity of the Political and Cultural division that the country has to face and the fact that I could experience the problems, the personal friendships and the "objective" personal consideration of the problems of the country (see my University graduation thesis on the "Cyprus problem", only in Italian though). Nevertheless I count the country as one, wishing that soon the two sides will have one flag!


Note 2 : Same apply for "Kosovo", which I visited on personal basis (though with a certain involvement in Students NGO projects) in March 2000, so after the dramatic war and crimes which devastated the area and left it in a sort of international protectorate, until recently when it has been proclaimed as an indipendent state...many are not recognizing it yet.


Note 3: Yes, I know  I should consider Great Britain countries as one, but since I am a great supporter of the concept of national identity rather than the political division of the countries, I count them as 4 (so that I can also claim 3 more in my list :-)