Hello all and welcome to www.balistrieri.com project.


It all started back in 1993 when I had my first approach to the net. I remember when at a friends house (sales agent for Apple computers) we were amazed by this weird kind of "tv teletest" or "minitel" as the French had at that time.

Of course, back then, I  couldn't imagine how much all this would change my and (almost) everybody's else lifestyle.

In fact, shortly after I have been an early user of "electronic messages", so called e-mails and step by step the WorldWideWeb started to increase dramatically.

It is in 1997 though, after I already became a daily user of e-mails, web surfing, newsgroups, chatting etc., that I started to develop the idea of having a personal web site.

My first website was hosted by the free web service community crosswinds, as the concept of .com was still far from individuals.

The structure and the contents of the old site were simple and reflected my joyful university times, the site stayed on line for three years.

When I first decided to redesign my website and buy my own .com domain I couldn't make up my mind on the alternative name of the domain, as balistrieri.com was already property of some potential relative in California, thus I postponed many times the realization of my new webpage.

Finally in April 2002, balistrieri.com became available again, I decided to buy it and to build a better structured and long lasting personal website (my hosting server is www.aruba.it).




First of all I had to refresh my basic skills of html (edited directly in text files) and web design with software tools, such as ftp, frontpage, dreamweaver and flash (the programs which I used for the actual building and publishing of the site) etc., and I had to create a concept behind the all project.

As I have never been a programmer or a professional web designer, I tried to put together all the possible resources to build a rather simple, but effective website, to do so, I started surfing the net looking for a good basic frameset to be readapted to my personal needs, which I found at www.elated.com a rather professional and  well designed web templates provider.

Once defined the concept I started to work on it.


Site development


From the original elated template it still remains the background picture of the menu frame (created with illustrator and photoshop), to which I added my customized menu (character arial), the www.balistrieri.com bar (century gothic) using photoshop. In the menu I likely will add more items (such as statistics and link to other languages versions).

The "welcome" flash animation was also downloaded from the net, and I am struggling to learn again how to use the program properly to create a multilingual version of it (once I will create the site in more languages).

The JavaScript, scroller script which rolls in the bottom bar of your browser, is a rather simple script, to be added on top of the </head> of the index file, thanks to my web inspirator Giacomo:-)

In the gallery section I placed my photo albums, created with dreamweaver and fireworks. The pictures (most of them) are optimized for the web with photoshop and most of them have an original quality of 1.2 mps (as it is the quality I normally use to shoot with my digital camera Fuji finepix i40).

The guestbook in the guests section is taken from the Matt's script archives and just slightly customized.

The idea for the travelling section (listing of the countries visited) was taken from Bernard Cloutier website, an amazing globetrotter who travelled to over 200 countries.

The maps were downloaded from the Austin, Texas University Library and edited in photoshop.

I tested the website with the latest versions of Internet Explorer and with the light browser Opera, unfortunately is not easy to create a site suitable for all browsers and display resolutions. The optimal viewing of the site is therefore with Explorer 5 or higher and with a resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels.


Contents of each menu subsections